Sunday delight

Here is a picture puzzle for you! Have a look at the pictures below and guess where they were taken:

These are some of the sights you can see on a boat  trip from Abingdon to Oxford which we made on Sunday afternoon. What I liked about the trip was its calm and quiet together with its visual appeal. Indeed the English countryside has much to offer:  it’s  surprising to find vast unoccupied territories in a relatively small country (at least compared with  Russia) with such a variety of landscape and vegetation. Just look at the images above or some more below:

What I got interested in as well were the British canal boats two of which you can see on the picture above. As you move along the canal you meet a great number of them lining the banks of the river. They are quite varied in shape and elements of decoration, with some carrying small gardens on their roofs; others being more of an extra storage place used to keep different tools and equipment; there are too quite a few abandoned boats some of which are in decay. What is delightful though is that there are many in use with whole families spending their day off on their boats often with men at the wheel and women controlling the motor (here I might be wrong in the technical details of what they do – should study this a bit more). All together spending your time on the river definitely helps to relax in a quiet but enjoyable atmosphere.

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9 Responses to Sunday delight

  1. tatiana says:

    ‘…whole families spending their day off on their boats often with men at the wheel and women controlling the motor…’
    So women tend to control the process in England too 🙂 How amazing!
    Thank you for the picturesque elements of English scenery, looking forward to more pics and stories!


    • nataneva says:

      Ha-ha:) Have not thought about it this way, i.e about women being in charge, Actually I don’t quite understand the process of sailing a boat… I thought you need a person at the wheel – that’s it. But the boats I’ve described need two people: one to drive the wheel and the other to control the engine. Need to consult an experienced salor, don’t you think?

      • tatiana says:

        Definitely you need! What if you are on a boat next time … and do not know the right words, just imagine that! What a shame would it be! 🙂

  2. nataneva says:

    Sure! Must work on it! Will share with you what I will ahve learned with you! No question about it:) Stay tuned!

  3. nataneva says:

    You know waht? It was much easier to find the necessary vocabulary once I identified the boat type correctly: there are two braod categories, namely, sail boats and motorboats which if you like you can read about in full detail in the corresponding Wikipedia articles: go to to read about sailboats and visit if you are interested in motorboats.
    My confusion came as result of mixing up the functions of the motorboat’s steering wheel and its motor. From what I saw people controlling the motor were doing I thought that by doing it they also control the direction in which the boat is going… Now that I have written it it makes me laugh:))) But as a result of my confusion I learned quite a bit about boats. Here is a question to test your knowledge of boats:
    As a result of combining what components the British powerboat was botn?

    Hope finding the answer won’t be difficult at all:) Looking forward to your answer!

  4. tatiana says:

    Nope, these details are for experts only, that is for YOU, my darling lol

  5. I have read your article about vacation in Britain countryside and I am sure that the view was really pleasant and wonderful. But, in my opinion, the same view we can find everywhere, you can just get out of the city and look around, it is out of the question, that you will find something really amazing. I said this because I was born in Norilsk. And if you haven’t been to this city I can briefly describe this place. It is a city without any nature, you cannot find any living plant that grows on its own; the air is full of smoke; the weather is always unpleasant. So when I moved to Novosibirsk I was really shocked, because the dormitory where I live now is surrounded by forest, natural forest. I have never seen the same phenomenon before! So I really think that the nature can be found just outside the window.

  6. Anastasia says:

    Visiting England is a great pleasure! Reading this article I remember being in some cities of England. I enjoyed the scenery while travelled by bus from London to Bath and Brighton… Compared to Russia, English scenery is richer, because when you travel, for example, from Novosibirsk to Sochi by car, it doesn’t seem the picture you see from the window changes a lot. It’s not the same with England. Perhaps the main reason why England is beautiful everywhere is the size of the country – Russia’s much bigger and it would be hard to make all places as beautiful as in European countries. Who knows? Maybe someday Russian scenery can be as beautiful as English one.

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