As You Like it at Wadham College (Oxford)

What you see here is a picture from Shakespeare’s As You Like It performance we went to see a couple of days ago. Here, at Wadham College (Oxford) we watched it in the open air similarly to the Globe which adds some extra charm to it. An interesting detail to mention in passing is that as you can imagine outdoor performances are only possible in good weather; otherwise they can be cancelled, and you will be offered to attend another performance when the weather is good. We were lucky then that that day there was no rain.

What I liked about the performance is that the space where it was staged was used very wisely,  and a couple of scenes were performed in the towers of this building adding to the impact the performance had on the audience. I think it helps to involve the audience more and make it feel closer with the personages. On several occasions, the actors also used the space between the rows of seats to act out the play which too helped to involve the audience more in what was going on on stage.

I liked the performance quite a bit but felt that it was somewhat difficult for me to enjoy it fully because of some difficulties with comprehending Shakespeare’s language. So the next day I decided that it’d be good to read something about Shakespear’s language and reread some of his plays in English to make it easier for me to understand them if/when I have a chance to see them again. Quite unexpectedly I ran into a book Shakespeare on Toast written by Ben Crystall which I found very helpful for a better understanding of the times and the context in which Shakespeare’s works were written. Also, the book is quite revealing as to what to do to make them easier to fully appreciate for a modern reader.

All together, going to see As You Like It was a good experience with a learning moment too. I am going to reread some of Shakespeare’s plays and learn more about his times so that the next time I could enjoy watching his plays even more.

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3 Responses to As You Like it at Wadham College (Oxford)

  1. tatiana says:

    Thank you Natasha for making me feel all the romantic atmosphere of both the place and Shakespeare’s play.

    It must have been something special to see the performance in the open air and enjoy it in the original versus! Thanks to the link you so kindly provided us with, I quite unexpectedly came across another one; so I’ve had a chance to have a glimpse at how the performance might have sounded

    Of course to feel Shakespeare keenly, it is very important to be somewhere in his country. That’s why I think you were so much inspired and decided to read more about the author and his style.

    Many thanks for the picture indeed! What a lovely atmosphere!

  2. nataneva says:

    Thanks for reading my blog posts and making your comments! I enjoy exchanging impressions and opinions with you!

  3. talice2604 says:

    1. Dear Natalia Eydelman,
    I do hope that your experience in watching Shakespeare performance was quite pleasant . And besides, I think you know a lot of useful information about Shakespeare’s language. I’m sure you have spent time in theater with great pleaser, no matter that you didn’t understand the language.
    Please tell me in breath what have you learned in book Shakespeare on Toast , because I have never heard about special Shakespeare’s words …
    I wish you could have a chance to write about your next visit to the theatre. I’m hoping to hear new stories from you very soon.

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