On importance of being unprepared

Are you puzzled about this post’s title? You should be because usually we talk about the opposite, not this time though. What happened this morning was that at about 11 am I got an emergency phone call from one of the organisers of Interra innovative forum that opened today in Novosibirsk with an appeal for help. Somebody who had to translate one of the opening sessions of the forum fell sick and they needed another person to fill in.

I had 10 minutes to dry my hair, get dressed and get going. I felt as if I had been a soldier raised in the middle of the night on alert. I did not have a moment to get scared or anything and just jumped into the taxi which came very quickly this time and off I went to the city center. There was a traffic jam in the whereabout of the River Station Metro but not that bad so I entered Pobeda’s hall 3 minutes past 12 and 2 minutes later I was able to start working.

I had to sit at the top of the hall of the conference and interpret right from there. I suspect I caused some inconvenience to people who were sitting several raws down from me, but I could not help it and apologise for any inconvenience I might have caused them. I had no choice really. What I was surprised at was that actually I managed to do what I had to if only not as well as I could have had I had a little bit of time to prepare. Still under the circumstances I was satisfied with my job.

And later today I was  rewarded for what I did … I got a message from the editorial board of a publication I submitted my case study about a blended learning course I am teaching inviting me to write up my case for possible inclusion in the publication. Of course, these two things happening the same day is a mere coincidence but still there is some connection between them if only in my imagination. It helps to make things come true sometimes and this is what made my day:)

My helpers of the day


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4 Responses to On importance of being unprepared

  1. tatiana says:

    Good story, thank you.
    Sounds really impressive. You might have added some more descriptive details like slippery stairs, noise in headphones or problems with the microphone to make your storytelling more vivid and true to life 🙂

    • nataneva says:

      ) Actually, they accompanied me on the way to the hall through a maze of corridors and up and down the staircases at the back stage of the theater where I got lost when I had to leave after the session had been over. Would you believe it I had to go back and forth 3 times because I could not find my way out. I did not have problems with the mike though other than putting them on on the go and trying to interpret what was being said, but I think it was a very minor thing:)

  2. tatiana says:

    Quite often exactly minor things characterise a person as just a beginner or that one with lots of experience. I am for mini-minor details to be emphasised when it comes to skilfully done job!

    • nataneva says:

      I see:) Will try my best to provide you with lots of details next time:) I agree too that the secret is in details. It’s with everything I can think of, isn’t it?

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