Reviewing Professional Journals

Reviewing ReCALL articles



Reading and summarising research articles on different aspects of using the technology in linguisticf research

Today you are going to get acquainted with some recent research in linguistics and ICT. To do this you are going to look through an article of your choice in ReCALL, a specialised research journal published by Cambridge devoted to the investigation into a variety of issues in using the technology. Have a brief look at the journal’s mission statement to get a better idea about it:

Next, I am inviting you to get acquainted with the most recent research studies in linguistics and ICT. Go to ReCALL at and look through one of the articles published in its recent issue. Next, write the summary of your article in your blog answering the following questions:

Information to include in your article summary

1. What is the object of the research? In other words, what is researched?
2. What is/are the research question(s)?
3. What is the design of the study?
4. How was the data collected?
5. What are the research findings?

When finished, read at least 2 article summaries your peers have written and ask them at least one question about it to clarify something that is not clear and/or learn some additional information

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