The Ears Have It

An excellent explanation of the contribution of ears to our ability to learn a language with a number of insightful examples demonstrating their importance to mastering a language. And one more point the article is stressing is the importance of mmediate feedback for successful learning. Highly recommend reading it!

EnglishCentral: The Official Blog

earsOur ears are amazing. Truly.  Too often the visual dominates and these small things on the sides of our head, get second shrift. However, researchers are realizing just how much they are the key to learning a language both when young and later on in life. We are learning that it is very important for language learning, to distinguish between the sounds of the language. It is this ability that is key to a child learning a first language or a child picking up a second. They are masters of distinguishing between sounds, intuiting silence and recognizing when a sound is with meaning and without.  This TED talk by Patricia Kuhl drives this home.  Further, researchers are finding that training teens/adults in recognizing the differences between sounds can dramatically help learners become fluent speakers. Here, you can test your own ability. This Scientific American article highlights a study…

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