Richer Speaking – my first book

Some great tips to improve speaking skills! Follow them to see how your speaking improves

Sandy Millin

I’m very excited to announce that I have written and published my very first ebook:

Richer Speaking cover Cover designed by Luke Meddings at the round

Here’s the blurb:

Are you tired of your students running out of things to say? This book will show you 12 different ways to adapt a wide range of speaking activities to get more out of them in the classroom, divided into four categories:
– Preparing to speak
– Adding repetition
– Extending speech
– Having a reason to listen
There is a full index showing you what kind of activities the techniques work particularly well with, as well as worked examples of each technique in action. All of them are ready to take into the classroom with the minimum of preparation.

Richer Speaking is available to purchase at Smashwords and Amazon [affiliate links] and costs less than 1USD. It’s part of the round minis

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4 Responses to Richer Speaking – my first book

  1. Sandy Millin says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing this!

  2. Ebooks are pretty nice, thanks for sharing

    • nataneva says:

      How often do you read them? What ebooks have you recently read? I almost want to say “used”, don’t know why because you read them too, only in a different fashion. Actually, this is my question: how different is your experience in reading printed books from electronic?

      • The last ebook I read was “The Mysteries and Mythology of Ancient Scandinavia” by Varg Vikernes. That’s quite interesting, but first of all you have to discover some very specific info ’bout the author.

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