Spaceman: An alternative to hangman

Do you like using word games in your classes? Have you ever played Hangman? Are you all right with it? Here is a great alternative to it designed by the colleagues. It’s easy to use it, and it produces great results. Students loved it.

‘Spaceman’ is an alternative to hangman. It uses easy to draw shapes, it followed the same rules and it is easily identifiable by its name. I imagine that if you are reading this you are…

Source: Spaceman: An alternative to hangman

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The Women’s Marches and the Politics of Care: The Best Response to Trump’s Inaugural Address

The Women’s Marches across America and the world were peaceful, family-oriented, and cooperative. They required energy and effort, along with the devotion to travel, gather, and march. The marches …

Source: The Women’s Marches and the Politics of Care: The Best Response to Trump’s Inaugural Address

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Do you have what it takes? (Everyday idioms in newspapers)

by Kate Woodford As part of an occasional series on the subject of common idioms, we recently posted a blog which featured the idioms which we heard in spoken English during the course of a week. …

Source: Do you have what it takes? (Everyday idioms in newspapers)

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Richer Speaking – my first book

Some great tips to improve speaking skills! Follow them to see how your speaking improves

Sandy Millin

I’m very excited to announce that I have written and published my very first ebook:

Richer Speaking cover Cover designed by Luke Meddings at the round

Here’s the blurb:

Are you tired of your students running out of things to say? This book will show you 12 different ways to adapt a wide range of speaking activities to get more out of them in the classroom, divided into four categories:
– Preparing to speak
– Adding repetition
– Extending speech
– Having a reason to listen
There is a full index showing you what kind of activities the techniques work particularly well with, as well as worked examples of each technique in action. All of them are ready to take into the classroom with the minimum of preparation.

Richer Speaking is available to purchase at Smashwords and Amazon [affiliate links] and costs less than 1USD. It’s part of the round minis

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The Native Factor: the discussion continues

An excellent post about NS vs NNS controversy in ELT, the issue so passionately and persuasively exposed in S. Richardson’s plenary session at IATEFL conference in Birmingham

Lizzie Pinard

Hands up, dear readers, those who of you who think I am a ‘native speaker’ of British English.


Hands up if you think I am from England.

“Where are you from?”

It’s one of the earliest questions we teach learners how to ask. And yet it can be one of the most difficult and complicated to answer.

I was born in Chichester, a little town in the south of England.

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 14.38.14

I’ve never lived there. I spent the first two years of my life in a little village near Bognor Regis (Felpham, for any Sussex dwellers!). My earliest memories of this part of England, though, come from visits to relatives subsequent to moving to the other end of the world.

From the age of 2 to the age of 17, I lived in Botswana, though I went to a boarding school in South Africa (Mafeking) for secondary school. 2000px-Flag_of_Botswana.svgsf-lgflag

My mum is English…

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native, non-native, bilingual

MercedesViola's Blog

If you followed some of the online comments of the #IATEFL Conference, you should have heard about Silvana Richardson‘s plenary session

laloli 5

Nik Peachey interviewed her before her plenary; she talked about the three As:

  • Awareness – become aware of what the situation is
  • Advocacy – be more active, more supportive, become more vocal
  • Activism – at teacher associations

If you were not at IATEFL or could not watch the plenary online, you can watch the recording now.

laloli 4laloli 3

Nik Peachey also interviewed Burcu Akyol and Marek Kiczkowiak, who talked about some the issues surrounding non-native teachers in ELT and the development of the website.

David Crystal – IATEFL 2015

D Crystal and native speaker

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The review of relevant literature

Pieces of advice on how to go about the literature to review when starting your research

Source: The review of relevant literature

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